John Alan Boryk is a quiet but compelling soul who has experienced profound personal change in his life. His upbringing in the segregated South in no way prepared him for an integrated college in Aurora in 1965, nor the nearly overpowering experience of hearing Dr. Martin Luther King preach at a modest worship service in the same community. As John puts it, "I couldn't NOT go to Selma."
In 2015, John returned to Selma for the fiftieth anniversary of the heroic marches. You can read about his experience more fully in the Des Plaines Journal.  He shared his thoughts and feelings about the history of racism in our country and its present state today. His advice to us was to "Learn all you can. Ask an African-American about their experiences. Think about what you might be missing out on." That has been his mission since 1965, as a Pastor, as a Rotarian, as a human being.