Our club has a speaker almost every week, and they inform, enlighten and entertain us. We also have visitors from around the country and the world. Here are the latest highlights from our Thursday lunches.
Elyse Dobney, a clear eyed young woman with a spine of steel, described how she and her volunteers have worked for the last eight years with law enforcement, ER staff, and social services to help free people from unimaginable circumstances. STOP IT works with the Salvation Army throughout Cook County, and trafficking is happening everywhere - it is just more hidden in the suburbs. If you feel something just isn't right about that teen on the corner, or the young house cleaner or nanny, call 877-606-3158.
This week we also welcomed Marcelo and Maria Avila from the Quito, Ecuador, Rotary club, who were visiting family in the area. Sr. Avila talked about various projects they have done in Quito among the poorest children, to expand their educational opportunities and to improve "their self-confidence and self-worth - to make them feel deserving of success."
We hope that is something we can also do as Rotarians in our own community, a little bit every day.