Alex Dambach wants to make it easier to get things done in Des Plaines. Particularly, he wants your business to thrive, and new businesses to move in. As the Director of Community and Economic Development, Alex and his staff plan to update the City's zoning and building code, expedite their zoning review process, and of course, increase economic growth in the community.

He also wants to highlight Des Plaines' local, unique identity. Who else has the Choo-Choo, the first McDonald's, the glowing Sugar Bowl sign, the largest YMCA in the world, and a dozen other landmarks? We also have a great Park District, Library and school system, and Alex is getting the word out to potential investors and franchisers.

Alex spent half an hour getting us fired up about the opportunities from growth and progress in our community, and illuminating some of the practices involved in urban planning. We feel lucky he's joined our city staff!