Donn Ziebell wants Americans to think, "Now that I can, should I?"
His new book, Conceal Carry - Pause, is all about making a thoughtful decision about carrying a gun, and what that decision may mean down the road. Are you prepared for a three second gunfight? Are you prepared for the legal troubles that immediately follow? Donn reminded us that both armed and unarmed people should follow the same procedures in a dangerous situation, because having a gun does not necessarily make you safer, especially if you take risks that you shouldn't. Be aware of your surroundings, retreat whenever possible, don't get in the way of first responders, and be well-trained in the use of your weapon. He believes that educated persons with a concealed weapon can be significant deterrent, but only if they protect themselves and others before reaching for their gun.
Donn's book is available in paperback on Amazon.