Liz Corrado works with the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) and Elevate Energy to help residents, at low or no cost, to reduce energy loss and waste in their home. She visited us with a double handful of helpful knowledge.
Where does your home lose energy? 68% is lost from the attic and the basement!
What are the two top things you can do to reverse this loss?
  1. Insulate your attic
  2. Plug those little cracks and leaks
What else can you do? Get an energy audit for your home! If you host an energy "party" with your friends and neighbors, the audit will be free, and Elevate Energy (a non-profit) will give you multiple ideas to make improvements quickly. If you invest up to $2,000 in these improvements, the average savings is $400 per year.
The energy companies are working toward this goal too. The nearly completed Smart Grid will allow utilities to re-route power in emergencies, to know about failures BEFORE customers call them, and prevent energy waste.  ComEd will send you text alerts in the summer during peak usage times, and if you turn up your thermostat or postpone those loads of laundry, they will credit a few bucks to your account. Or you can try out different methods of energy pricing to save you money. Check out the websites above to find out what you can do to trim your energy bill and fatten your wallet!