Des Plaines Rotarians are still licking their fingers after a visit from David Levine of Illinois Nut and Candy, based in Skokie, Illinois. David bought the business a decade ago, and has been transforming the world of corporate gift-giving ever since. Need two dozen scale model Jaguar XKs in dark chocolate to use as centerpieces? David Levine is your man. Chocolate "thank yous" in a dozen languages? Call 1-800-590-NUTS. 

Their store also offers "niche" confectionary for the lactose, gluten, even casein intolerant.  David is all about making everyone happy, and his talk was a great reminder of the power of good customer service - and good marketing!  Look for his fanciful van all over the northern suburbs and Chicago: 

Thanks, David, for satisfying our sweet tooth and our need for enthusiasm and inspiration!