Rick Kaempfer can tell a great story - and he's got a lot of great stories to tell!  After more than a decade as a radio producer and host, working with the likes of Steve Dahl and Garry Meier, and dozens of music and film stars, Rick decided he'd had enough of 18 hour days and became a stay-at-home Dad to his three little boys. His wife went back to work in the financial world, and Rick, used to writing four hours of comedy a day, began to record his favorite family stories as a comedy outlet, ultimately creating a popular blog that has been running for ten years.
The comedy usually comes at his own expense, as the title of his latest book, Father Knows Nothing, cheerfully makes clear. Rick has also written an Indiana newspaper column, and novels and biographies too. His oldest son is in his twenties now, and Rick hopes that these recorded memories will someday be as satisfying to his sons as they are to him. And if you're a Cubs fan, you'll definitely enjoy One Bad Century, Rick's Cubs Nation blog.
As Rick said, "When you spend every day looking for humor, you'll find you're a pretty happy person."  Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with the Des Plaines Rotary Club!
Father Knows Nothing, available from Eckhartz Press or as an Amazon Kindle e-book.