Recently, we were able to tour the center of the Rotary universe - though some might argue that Rotary is centered in every Rotarian! - in Evanston, Illinois. Our guide was Gregory Franks, who gave a smashing and patient tour of the offices and history of the organization. It was a gorgeous, clear day, which made the view from the President's office all the more memorable:
The President was not in his office, of course, as it is his duty and privilege to spend his one year term visiting as many clubs as possible around the world, as well as meeting regularly with the Board of Trustees. Their conference room was also impressive, with technology for the trustees and their interpreters, as they are from many different nations.
This building has many wonderful stories to tell, and I encourage every Rotarian to visit one day.
We were accompanied on our tour by a visiting Rotarian, Bala from Chennai, India. He graciously invited to host us in his home if we ever made it to India, "But not all at once, please." From left to right: Werner, Sharon, Steve, Denny, Mr. Paul Harris (in bronze), Steve, Tina, Ella, George, Roberta and Bala.